Jul 22, 2015

Charleston Grit Features Jenny Kleiman

Jenny is a former theatre kid turned director. After an explosive bee sting in the grass of CU Boulder, Jenny knew that behind the camera was where she was called to be. She got her start as an intern at The Director’s Bureau and has worked on some amazing projects including Dig South, two music videos for Rachel Kate and Hey Rocco (currently on a European tour), and created the catchy campaign for Aleysa Bags (talk about a boss lady!!).

Her newest venture, The Royal Wild, is a full service marketing agency—she and her team are taking Charleston and the southeast by storm! Check out their work here.

Job Title: Director/Producer/Storyteller. My passion, through and through, is directing. The fully creative part of me wants to direct every day of the week, but the logical part of me became a producer out of necessity. A lot of the independent work we do requires me to step up and be a producer in order to actually get the jobs done. As a producer, I have to figure out how to do what the creative part of me wants to do within time limits, budget, and the scope of what the client wants and needs. There’s a bit of a dance between those things all day long, but it’s a great way to learn and see a project from both sides.

How did you get your start? I grew up going to theater since the time I was 4 or 5 years old. My senior year, a teacher suggested I go to CU Boulder, because they had a great theatre program. Really quickly, I decided I did not like it. After using up all my excused absences in the first two weeks, I went out to our main lawn to call my Dad and it was then that I was stung by a bee. I hobbled my way to the health center where I discovered I had a huge allergic reaction and was bedridden for four days. After four days laying in bed watching the classics, I knew it was time to change my major. Luckily, CU has an experimental film program with alternative training where I was able to explore the medium. I went to LA after college, and it swiftly kicked my ass.

I was an intern at The Directors Bureau where I worked 7 days a week, 18 hours a day, and finally a producer was like, it’s time for you to do you. I was devastated. So I spent 6 months traveling in my car, never spending more than 5 days in the same place. It sounds like “On the Road” but really, I was lost. I collapsed in Charleston because I was too tired to keep driving and I just stayed. Being in Charleston, it’s like Charleston chose me. I knew I was coming home.