Mar 15, 2016

TRW’s IBU Video Premiers at Charleston Fashion Week

Congrats to IBU on a FABULOUS runway show at Charleston Fashion Week! We were so thrilled to see our video on the big screen open the runway show! IBU knocked it out of the park with a truly inspiring show.

Here’s IBU’s recap of the shoot directly from the client –
“One rainy Sunday, Team ibu crawled out of bed sometime before 6:00am to meet The Royal Wild film-making creatives and spent the day putting ibu into action on camera. Jenny Kleiman, along with her team of Haley Shaw, Kayla Morrisey, and Landon Neil Phillips, took on the breadth of our world-wide endeavor and managed to capture it in one simple, unfurnished room. But it wasn’t just a day with a few cameras and lights. The artistry was in the visioning, the cutting, the crafting of something palpable and real, and making it sing in 60 seconds.

The results are thrilling for us, but so was the collaboration. Jenny felt the ibu pulse months ago and patiently waited for the opportunity to bring her vision to life. We hope you’ll take 60 seconds to WATCH HERE. And to celebrate this amazing talent in our city.

Cheers to The Royal Wild and their marvelous contribution to our movement! And to the models who worked with us that day: Abi Rose, Andrea Gosnell, Jill Weeks, Venita Aspen, Wambui McKesson, and Anna Helm. Beautiful, all.

Until next week,
Feel the change!

Team ibu”