Dec 16, 2016

Kayla and Jenny Launch WIFC.tv

To call WIFC.tv a serendipitous meeting of the minds would be a understatement: it culminates years of work and friendship between us. We met as teens at Charleston County School of the Arts where we both studied theatre. Our first collaboration was as improvisers on the first comedy troupe at the school (The Fighting Gnomes are still going strong today). Our connection was instant: we knew how to make scene work. We knew how to play the games, give and take, and transform into characters. This theatre training would lead us both into a careers in the film industry, but it wasn’t until years later that we would unite behind the camera.

We went our separate ways, losing touch as high school friends do, and yet lived mere blocks from each other in Los Angeles for three years. We both returned home to Charleston, and again had no knowledge of the other’s parallel path. In 2014, we ran into each other at the dog park of all places where we conveniently discovered we were seeking partners to create and execute our dream projects.

Since our reunion, we have worked closely on projects large and small scale through THE ROYAL WILD. We find that our voices, tone, and style meld together. While we spent years apart, we both returned to the east coast with a passion to tell women’s stories. When we sought out mentors and online resources for women’s narrative projects we found a gap. Why was there not a website or streaming service dedicated to women’s independent film? We decided this gap should be filled and today we launch WIFC.tv – Women’s Independent Film Channel. 

We founded WIFC.tv as a space to share a selection of curated narrative content created by women filmmakers. We will foster a community for women’s narrative film and share interviews with women directors working in the industry. While continuing to work on our creative and commercial projects we will develop this online platform as the source for women’s narrative content. We will also share projects in development that need Support and eventually we hope to become a source of distribution for women’s narrative film.

We look forward to sharing women’s films and seeing where this next adventure takes us!