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A Beautiful World is an interactive series based on Kayla Morrisey’s award wining screenplay. In 2055, at a time when humans have transcended biology, a young astronomer sets out on a journey of self discovery. Following the death of her father, Ariadne leaves behind her small town life to find the city and take “The Test” – a government service that promises true love by matching young adults with their perfect life partners. Along the way she meets and falls for Benjamin, a star-gazer who challenges her core beliefs and ideas. Together they journey through a strange new world and uncover the truths behind the rapidly-evolving concept of the singularity.

A feature film in pre-production – Tuer Les Fleurs is psychological teen thriller that follows two young coeds as they set out on a joyride of poor choices and moral obliviousness on a quest for the “Best Spring Break Ever!” The girls’ jealousy and manipulative nature pit themselves against each other in a darkly humorous tale of teen angst and betrayal that culminates in an extraordinary and unexpected ending.